Community members and advocates share why they support the 100% Kids Coverage Campaign and how having proper health coverage directly impacts their lives.


What Medicaid Means to Jose and his family

When Jose lost his eyesight, he also lost his job. A year later he lost his left leg, making it even more difficult to provide for his two children. Despite all of this, he was determined not to "ask" for anything. He learned how to make pens out of wood at classes offered at The Blind Center. But it was still not enough revenue to support his family's needs. 

Concerned for his children's health, Jose worked with Comunidades Unidas to obtain health insurance for his children through Medicaid. Knowing his children's health was taken care of has provided Jose with greater peace of mind as he continues to work to provide for them...

Scary Decisions: My Child's Health or Making Ends Meet

When Cristina moved from Illinois to Utah she lost healthcare coverage for her eldest daughter who was born in Mexico. Illinois is just one in six states that has health coverage for all kids. 

Sofia is a vibrant high school student who has vision and skin issues that requires expensive medications and doctors visits putting financial strain on their family. When Sofia is sick Cristina must carefully decide whether or not to take her in...

Fearing for your children's health after job loss: Angela's Story

When Angela gave birth to her last child, she suffered several complications that turned into an infection that left her bed bound for three months at which time she was forced to leave her job. This resulted in losing health insurance for her children. Further more, her husband had to leave his work to care for her and their children. 

During this difficult time, Angela feared for her children's health and hoped that none of them would get sick as there was no way they could afford medical care. After applying and receiving Medicaid for her children, Angela was able to take her kids to get regular check-ups and immunizations. When her husband returned to work, they were able to keep the children enrolled in CHIP so that their kids could be ensured while they got back on their feet... 

Voices on Postcards

Stronger Together: Community and Health

In the midst of Medicaid redeterminations, we took the initiative to travel across the state, ensuring that children and families could access the care they need. Our primary aim? To empower families with the information and resources to thrive and remain healthy in their communities, all through our capacity-building stations.

These stations gave families the opportunity to learn about local resources, addressed issues with their Medicaid/CHIP applications, and learned about the power of storytelling. We facilitated this by encouraging families to craft their narratives on postcards. 

Throughout these interactions, families discussed the profound impact of Medicaid on their lives, tackled the complexities of accessing care, and debunked misconceptions. The stories we've gathered are more than just narratives; they're a testament to the importance and reach of public assistance programs. 



Paola shares her family's experiences!


Gabriella shares why she supports the campaign!

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Sarah sharing her work & support for the campaign


Lupita (Español) comparte su apoyo de la campaña



Pediatric Hospitalist Erin shares why having health insurance is more than just about health.


Pediatric Resident, Bharat shares his experience with children and their families that need health coverage.

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Pediatric intern Annika shares that patients without insurance struggle in silence.


Javier Short

Javier's Story

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Susan's Story

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Clara's Story

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