Angela's Story

Angela and her family are one example of how both Medicaid and CHIP can have positive impacts on families after so much misfortune:

Angela has lived in West Valley City, Utah for the past 17 years and is the mother of four beautiful children. 

She underwent a cesarean section during the birth of her last child and unfortunately suffered from several complications. 

The infection and pain became so severe and overwhelming that she became bed bound for three months and was forced to leave her job. 

This was a difficult time because she lost health insurance for her children and herself. Her partner was also forced to leave his construction job to care for her and her children. 

During that time, Angela and her family underwent an immense financial crisis. They lived off their savings to meet their basic familial needs but, Angela recalls: 

“But perhaps the more painful thing was, that my children no longer had health insurance. I lived scared every single day hoping and wishing that none of them would get sick, that none of my children had a medical emergency because there would be no way my partner or I would be able to cover the costs of medical care.”

She realized she needed support and applied for Medicaid to guarantee that her children had access health care, and all four children were able to obtain coverage. 

Almost immediately, the financial strain lessened, and Angela was able to take her children to their regular check-ups and keep them up to date with immunizations. 

After her husband returned to work, her children were enrolled into CHIP.

Thanks to both Medicaid and CHIP Angela’s children were able to obtain health coverage during their financial hardships and get back on their feet. 

These programs are essential for families like Angela’s. 

Will you join our campaign to ensure that these programs are protected and supported? 

We want to ensure that all children have health insurance regardless of income, background, or location. 

Angela lives in Salt Lake County, Utah. Her real name has been changed for privacy. 


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