Cristina's Story

Cristina and her four children live in West Jordan, Utah. Medicaid has been able to help her family, except for her oldest, Sofia.

Sofia was born in Mexico and is now a vibrant high school student, she is the only one of her siblings who does not have health insurance because of her immigration status. Cristina worries for her daughter especially because of her vision issues, skin issues, and how often she gets sick with sore throats.

“Because she doesn’t have health insurance, when she gets a sore throat sometimes I take her to the doctors, sometimes I don’t.” 

Cristina recalls how Sofia often feels embarrassed and ashamed when her skin condition flares up. Paying out of pocket, often means they spend over $300 for medications when Sofia needs it. In the past year they’ve spent roughly $1,000 paying for her care.

They used to live in Chicago, Illinois where Sofia had access to health care. Illinois is one of six states that has health coverage for all kids. Cristina remembers how much stress it alleviated to have access to care for all her children, including Sofia. 

Sofia often asks why her siblings have Medicaid and she doesn’t. 

Cristina worries how much not having access to health care has affected her self-esteem, her education, and her relationships in school with other students. 

Will you help make sure Sofia, and other children like Sofia can receive access to healthcare? 

Join our campaign to ensure that all children have access to health care regardless of immigration status or background.

Sofia and Cristina live in Salt Lake County, Utah. Their real names have been omitted for privacy.


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